Rinde Eckert: Excerpts from Horizon

Saturday, November 22, 2003. 8:30 pm

The composer/writer/actor/director and multi-instrumentnalist… plays and sings excerpts from Horizon. Baritone horn, processed slide guitar, accordion, and voice answer one another in delightful and disturbing ways. He went to Nebraska to find it and bring it back.

The evening was shared with Jane Rigler, see separate entry.

Rinde Eckert is a writer, composer, librettist, musician, performer, and director. His Opera / New Music Theatre productions have toured throughout America and to major theater festivals in Europe and Asia. With a virtuosic command of gesture, language, and song, this total theatre artist moves beyond the boundaries of what a ‘play,’ a ‘dance piece,’ an ‘opera’ or ‘musical’ might be, in the service of grappling with complex issues. Eckert describes many of his characters as “little men with big ideas whose consequences of their hubris are often disastrous.” Sometimes tragic and austere, sometimes broadly comedic, entirely grounded in presence, his work is alchemical – moving from rumination and distillation to hard-won illumination, or its lack. —Bio as of 2019