Sunday, March 9, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

Shelley Hirsch, voice/text
Jim Meneses, drums/percussion
Mike Pride, drums/percussion

Hirsch/Meneses/Pride is a new trio for voice and two percussionists, featuring Shelley Hirsch, Jim Meneses, and Mike Pride: a unique performance that combines Hirsch’s emotive vocalizations with unusual percussive sounds.

Vocalist, Composer, and Storyteller

Shelley Hirsch is an award winning, critically acclaimed vocalist, composer, and storyteller whose mostly solo compositions, staged multimedia works, improvisations, radio plays, installations and collaborations have been produced and presented in concert halls, clubs, festivals, theaters, museums, galleries and on radio, film and television on 5 continents.

Drums and Percussion

Jim Meneses has been working as a percussionist professionally since 1975.  He has worked and performed in international projects with many established players.  His playing can be described as genre shifting, moving delicately from improvisation and sound design to aggressive rock and metal influences.  His current groups include Ottokar, a progressive rock group from Philadelphia, Modiano USA, a vehicle for soundtracks and ambient work of various kinds, and the new trio Hirsch/Meneses/Pride.

Percussionist • Composer • Vocalist • Visual Artist

New York City based percussionist Mike Pride has worked with everyone from improvised music icon Anthony Braxton to punk legends Millions Of Dead Cops and has toured extensively on four continents and appeared on more than 85 recordings. Pride currently leads From Bacteria To Boys, and the 7-drummer installation-band: Drummer’s Corpse, both on the AUM Fidelity record label.