softboarding: medium shred

Tuesday, June 25, 2019. 8:00 pm

In the world premiere of softboarding: medium shred, interdisciplinary artist stevie may focuses on embodied practices highlighting and drawing from the experience of existing in and resisting patriarchal spaces as trans* and gender non-conforming people, queer folks, and cis-women. This project is a tender spectacle combining skateboarding, music, and dance.

softboarding is when you take a skateboard deck, put it in a custom made felt case so that it doesn’t scratch the floors, and then figure out how to move on it since it doesn’t have wheels. It is also a performance practice of how to be on a regular skateboard softly. Skateboarding and softboarding alike are a lot like existing in the world as a trans*, gender nonconforming, or queer person, where the normal way of doing things isn’t available to you, so in order to thrive, you have to get creative and come up with new ways of existing.
— stevie may

Eddie Post-Guiterrez
Jecenya Tapia Cabrera
Kirsten Michelle Schnittker
Liliana Dirks-Goodman
Liz Charky
Lucie Vítková
Lydia Mokdessi
Nadia Tykulsker
Stevie May
Syd Island

stevie may is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in movement, sound, video, and textiles. Her work has been presented at Danspace Project, the Center for Performance Research, La Mama, Secret Project Robot, Vital Joint, Vogue Knitting Live, Brackish, Bodega (Philidelphia), Grand Starr Jazz Club (LA), Links Hall (Chicago), and a host of unnamed basements and loft spaces in New York and Chicago. For the past decade, stevie has focused primarily on collaborative work, and continues in this vein with a sound and movement practice with Lucie Vítková. She has worked extensively with the Bureau for the Future of Choreography and has performed in the choreographic work of Kim Brandt, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Jennifer Monson, Tess Dworman, Caitlin Marz, Kyli Kleven, Trina Mannino, the theatrical work of Liz Charky, and the experimental music of Lucie Vítková. stevie has recently become obsessed with skateboarding, and is active in community organizing with Queer Skateboarding NYC, Quell Skateboarding, and New York City Skate Project.

 softboarding: medium shred is presented as part of DANCEROULETTE and is supported, in part, by the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, the Harkness Foundation for Dance, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. This performance is presented through Roulette’s GENERATE program, providing over 30 artists each year with in-depth creative and technical support. This performance is made possible with funds from Howard Gilman Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Roulette’s Board of Directors, and the generosity of our New & Adventurous audiences.

Photo: Jacob Pritchard, Shelly Simon