The Eclipse Quartet

Sunday, December 11, 2005. 8:30 pm

A contemporary string ensemble based in Los Angeles, California. Violinists Sarah Thornblade and Sara Parkins, violist Joanna Hood and cellist Maggie Parkins.

Eclipse will present two programs on Dec. 9 and 11 that will include two new works by Zeena Parkins, and quartets by such luminaries as guitarist Fred Frith, violinist Mark Feldman, and Austrian born LA composer Gernot Wolfgang. Several pieces have been composed especially for these concerts, including works by members of the Tin Hat Group: guitarist Mark Orton and violinist Carla Khilstedt, as well as pieces by Berkeley composer David Jaffe by and Toronto-based Justin Haynes.

The mission of this dynamic group is to create a unique concert experience by combining their talents with other artists in a variety of mediums, including film, dance, and spoken word. Formed in 2003, Eclipse has performed in a variety of settings and has actively sought composers’ newest works. They are currently completing their first CD of music by New York City composer and avant-garde electric harp improviser Zeena Parkins for the Tzadik label and will be heard on the Bravo network with a score of their own creation for the Dance Play, Opium, performed by the Canadian based, Suddenly Dance Troupe.
Eclipse continues to seek collaborations with other artists. In addition to working with dancers, Eclipse has commissioned original filmmakers to present their visual medium with preexisting compositions. Contributors include Seattle based artists Stanford Lee Wilson and Mark O’Connel, and Los Angeles based Susan Weber, Martin Garcia and graphic designer/videographer Sally Coates. Future projects include a collaboration with spoken-word artist Terri Philips and performances of string quartets in combination with electric guitar, marimba and quarter-tone flute.

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