Tone Road Ramblers

Friday, March 1, 2013. 8:00 pm

The Tone Road Ramblers bridge a gap between the classical avant-garde and free improvised expression, creating a fresh new sound through each member’s unique background.  Since their first concert (at Roulette in 1981), the group has performed throughout the US, and released 2 LP’s & 9 CD’s, while meeting each year at the Ragdale Foundation to explore new ideas for improvisation and composition.  The Tone Road Ramblers features Roulette founder Jim Staley, Ron Coulter, John Fonville, Eric Mandat, Morgan Powell, and Ray Sasaki.

Tone Road Ramblers gave its first concert in April 1981 in New York City on the Roulette series. Since then the group has concertized over a large part of the USA including New York, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Tampa, Miami, San Francisco, Fresno, San Diego, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Urbana, and Austin. In addition, TRR was invited to present concerts at the International TRR has been recorded on two LP’s and nine CD’s and continues to rehearse at Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, Illinois, each year for the purpose of exploring new ideas for improvisations and compositions.