Ursula Scherrer with Marcia Bassett: time_untime

Wednesday, September 18, 2019. 8:00 pm

time_untime is a durational performance by artists Ursula Scherrer and Marcia Bassett that evokes images, stories, and a state of being. The audience can enter a waking dream state in which boundaries become fluid, duration becomes a moment and single moments become duration. Lights sink into the darkness, darkness appears through the light.

In time_untime, Scherrer is combining previously created and used elements such as video clips, photographs, painted panels as projection surfaces as well as written and spoken texts in a different context. She is joining these aspects of her work and is creating with that something entirely new. Marcia Bassett will explore vrhythmic intricacies in patterns weaving in live sound elements with prerecorded texts written by Scherrer. She will process, transform, modify Scherrer’s texts in real-time composition working with patterns that are related to and/ or included in the larger pattern of exploration, observation and experience. Other text portions are left unmodified.

The projected video is seen as shapes of light moving over dark panels, sometimes imperceptibly slow, sometimes in violent spurts. The essence of the footage is perceived. The text is abstract, free associations, fragmented thoughts.

Ursula Scherrer and Marcia Bassett are playing with our sense of time, time becomes relative and disappears. The audience immerses itself into the space and the sounds. There is no beginning nor an ending.

Ursula Scherrer: live processed video, text, and performance
Marcia Bassett: analog synthesizer, manipulated vocals, and live composition

The poetic quality of Ursula Scherrer‘s work reminds one of moving paintings, drawing the viewer into the images, leaving them with their own stories. She transforms spaces and landscapes into serene, abstract portraits of rhythm, color and light – inner landscapes in the outside world where the images, words and actions have less to do with what we see and hear then with the feeling they leave behind. Scherrer is a Swiss artist living in New York and Berlin. Her work and collaboration with composers, choreographers, stage directors, light artists and poets has been shown in festivals, galleries and museums internationally. Her aesthetic training began with dance, transitioned to choreography and expanded to photography, video, text, mixed media and performance art.

Marcia Bassett works in areas of sound, improvisation, live composition and visual creations. Her sound pieces thread the needle between the conceptual and the sensual, between ritual invocation and cold semiotic gaze. Using handmade electronic instruments, prepared guitar, digital and analog synthesizers, manipulated vocals, field recordings and tape explorations, Bassett deftly wields philosophical systems to produce heady, experiential clouds; pushing through drones into provocative soundscapes – the intangible narratives of dreams.


Ursula Scherrer with Marcia Bassett: time_untime Live at Roulette September 18th, 2019