John Zorn, Michihiro Sato

Friday, October 4, 1985. 9:00 pm
Alto sax, game calls, Shamisen.

Gregg Bendian

Thursday, October 3, 1985. 9:00 pm
Gregg Bendian solo works and mixed trio with Joe Halajian (Reeds) & Rich Sosinsky (Contrabass). “Anoosh” – for percussion […]

Sven-Ake Johansson

Wednesday, October 2, 1985. 9:00 pm
“Schallplatten und Plastikblumen”, drums, accordion, voice.

Ernst Reijseger, Gerry Hemingway

Monday, September 30, 1985. 9:00 pm
Cellist from Holland, drummer from New York. To see full program, click on the attached image.

Robert Dick

Friday, September 27, 1985. 9:00 pm
Flute solos, duos, trios with John Zorn and Jim Staley.

Ron Kuivila

Saturday, May 11, 1985. 8:00 pm
RON KUIVILA gives concerts and makes installations with electronic instruments of his own design. He regards installations and performance as […]


Monday, December 12, 1983. 8:30 pm
The enigmatic godfather (1951-2017) of “industrial music” in a solo for all-steel, custom-made percussion instruments and designed to […]

Linda Fisher: Aurora

Sunday, March 27, 1983. 8:00 pm
Linda Fisher present Aurora, a four channel electronic solo work. *Note: this is the stereo mixes of a four channel audio signals.