Marketing Materials

We are thrilled to be presenting your work at Roulette this season and look forward to working with you! Below we have provided detailed information about how our marketing department works and how we can best work with you to promote your performance.

All information must be submitted through these online forms.  If you are unable to submit this information online, please get in touch with us immediately!

The Communications + Press Form is for the press release, printed zine, and website copy for your performance. Please note that once you begin this form, you will not be able to save and return to it later. You can preview the entire Communications + Press Form here.

This is not the form for the printed program. We will be in touch with you two weeks before your show for your performance notes.

Communications + Press Form

Due Dates

Fall Season (September – December) – Due date: July 19th

Winter Season (January-March) – Due date: November 29th

Spring Season (April-June) – Due date: February 21st

If you miss these deadlines, your performance will not make it into our season press release or printed zine. Attendance to your show will be greatly impacted. We are unfortunately unable to change the information in any printed material after the deadline.  

Marketing Information

Performance Information

Please fill out the Communications + Press Form to submit your performance information, group bios, personnel, and photos for your performance at Roulette. We will be using this information to supply the information on our website and for our press releases.

It is important that you submit this information as accurately as possible. Once you have submitted the form, we will use this information to write our press releases and publish the information on the website.

This form saves your work as you go, so you will be able to work on the form, close your browser, and continue working if you are using a browser that supports cookies.

Promotion Schedule

  • 8 Weeks (or more) prior to your performance: Roulette will create a website page dedicated to your performance that can include digital content (photography, video, sound links)

  • 6 Weeks prior to your performance: A press release will be submitted to all major media outlets and Roulette’s internal press list.
  • 6-4 Weeks (or more) prior to your performance: Roulette will create a Facebook event page, hosted by Roulette so that you can share with your audience and friends on social media. We can make you an administrator to the page. We request that you use this page instead of creating your own page so that our efforts will be more targeted.

  • 6-4 Weeks prior to your performance: Listings are submitted to major media outlets, blogs, and other appropriate publications.

  • 2 Weeks prior to your performance: Follow ups are made to confirm any press attendance for reviews.

  • 1 Week prior to your performance: All social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will feature a post for your performance.

  • 1 Week after your performance: Roulette will follow up with any press that attended your performance for reviews and photographs.

  • 2 Weeks after your performance: Roulette will submit a press report to the artist upon request.

If you have any personal connections to any media outlets, or have specific publications that you would like us to reach out to, please submit that information in the Communications + Press Form listed above. The sooner we can reach out to the press, the more likely they will be able to schedule a preview or a reviewer.  We cannot guarantee that press and media will list, preview, or review your performance, but we will work with you to try to find press outlets that best suit your performance.


Roulette’s newsletter schedule is as follows:

Beginning of the Month: This Month at Roulette will feature all performances for the upcoming month.

Every Monday: This Week at Roulette will feature all performances for the upcoming week, and will have a section called “upcoming” that will feature shows in the following week.

Printed Program

If you would like, Roulette will design + print a program for you for each night of your performance.  Please fill out this form to submit your program information no less than four days prior to your performance:

Performance Program Submission Form

Program information is limited to 1,000 words. If you submit more than 1,000 words, we will shorten the program as we see appropriate.

Programs will be printed on one 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper, front + back, and folded in half.

Social Media

Please connect with Roulette’s social media outlets and tag us!

Facebook: @roulettebrooklyn

Twitter: @roulette_nyc

Instagram: @roulette_intermedium


All Roulette shows will have a cheaper online pre-sale price to help generate pre-sales and to limit long wait time at the box office doors. Please encourage your audience to purchase their tickets in advance online. Our ticketing system can send you weekly updates on the number of tickets sold for the show via email. Please let us know if you’d like this set up.

Standard Documentation

We will take a wide-shot, stationary video recording of the concert. If you would like a copy of this, you may purchase one. Please allow 3-4 weeks post-show for processing. If questions, please feel free to reach out to

We encourage artists to bring in their own videographer and/or photographer to document the event. We please ask that they arrive at least two hours prior to the show to check in with our Technical Staff. If you decide to do this, we will be happy to trade documentation post-show and waive the fee for the wide-shot video copy. If you plan to bring in your own videographer/photographer, we please ask that you notify Roulette at least 14 days in advance of the event.

Artist Interviews / Production Meetings

After you’ve submitted your information, we will get in touch with you to have either an in-person or phone interview so we can further discuss the details of your performance and how we can collaborate on promoting your show.