Doris Hays

Monday, May 2, 1983. 8:30 pm
Southern pieces and lull music with light patterns for piano, flute, violin, and viola. To see full program, click on the attached image.

Pat Moriarty

Sunday, May 1, 1983. 8:00 pm
Process compositions, graphic notation systems, and extended techniques for solo saxophone. Also a premiere of Outside Jackson for guitar. To […]

David Means

Friday, April 29, 1983. 8:30 pm
He studied with Buckminster Fuller and it shows. Graphic scores and intermedia works with ensemble including dancer Georgia Stephens. To see […]

Stuart Dempster: Sonic Breathing and Circular Meditations

Thursday, April 28, 1983. 8:00 pm
The co-founder with Pauline Oliveros of the Deep Listening Institute and practice, presents Sonic Breathing and Circular Meditations for […]

Jim McNeely

Wednesday, April 27, 1983. 8:30 pm
Original piano creations by this distinctive jazzperson from the Stan Getz Quartet. To see full program, click on the attached image.

Linda Fisher: Aurora

Sunday, March 27, 1983. 8:00 pm
Linda Fisher present Aurora, a four channel electronic solo work. *Note: this is the stereo mixes of a four channel audio signals.

Tom Cora

Thursday, March 24, 1983. 8:00 pm
The cellist in duo improvisations with percussionist David Moss.   Tom Cora, was an American cellist and composer, best known for his […]

Glen Velez with Layne Redmond

Tuesday, March 22, 1983. 8:00 pm
Four time Grammy Award winner, Glen Velez is the founding Father of the modern frame drum movement and is regarded as a legendary figure among […]

David Onderdonk, Dan Di Lorrenzo

Sunday, March 20, 1983. 8:00 pm
Guitar & Bass, Improvisation, from Chicago.   Born in Evanston, Illinois, David Onderdonk studied Classical guitar at the University of […]

One plus One Quartet: Powell, Hruby, Sasaki, Noble

Friday, March 18, 1983. 8:00 pm
Comprised of dancers Patricia Hruby and Debra Noble and musicians Morgan Powell (trombone) and Ray Sasaki (trumpet), began as a completely […]