Dispatch: Matt Mottel

Release Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Artist Matt Mottel discusses his latest project opening Roulette’s Winter 2021 season on January 15. Mottel_Mottel: The Image is a Seed is an artwork by Mottel anchored by the historic photographic archive of his father, Syeus Mottel. Syeus, a diaristic photographer, documented both artistic happenings, like the annual Avant Garde Art Festival organized by Charlotte Moorman, and political demonstrations, such as the Levitation of the Pentagon in Washington DC in April, 1967. In performance at Roulette, archival color slides and digitally scanned negatives are projected in tandem with the music and staged action.

As part of our Roulette at Home digital initiative, Dispatches is a set of brief communications or small collections of new work from artists, sent directly to our community—a way to remain connected and engaged in a time marked by distance, isolation, upheaval, and change.