Dispatch: Ravish Momin

Release Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Percussionist, electronic music producer, and composer Ravish Momin discusses his latest work including Turning Jewels Into Water, a collaboration with percussionist Val Jeanty, dancers Ra Dakini and Ivvy Brynn, and video artist Art Jones. In this, Momin focuses on the importance of broadening public discourse to address multiple critical issues at once—specifically the urgent problem of climate change.

Ravish Momin is a versatile percussionist/composer/ electronic musician. He has studied drumset with master-drummer Andrew Cyrille, and has also studied North Indian Classical percussion. Ravish’s love for the sciences simultaneously led him to obtain a B.S. in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (1994.) He has worked with artists as diverse as pop-star Shakira and legendary saxophonist Maurice McIntyre (early member of the AACM, 1969.) In the past, he led the acclaimed Global/Jazz/Electronic band Tarana on international stages for 14 years and had recorded several albums to critical acclaim. He has also received grants from NewMusic USA, Arts International, Meet The Composer, Chamber Music America and US Artists International. While not on tour he works as a Teaching Artist across NYC with inner-city youth, covering a wide range of subjects such as Snare-drumming, West African and Middle-Eastern percussion, Early Childhood Music and Electronic Music-production.

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