RTV: Angie Pittman // I’ll tell you, but please be still

Release Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Roulette TV sits down with artist Angie Pittman to discuss their performance, I’ll tell you, but please be still—presented at Roulette in January 2022.

I’ll tell you, but please be still is a dance performed by two people dancing together and apart.  The dance grows out of Angie Pittman’s embodied research into Darkness in the style of Audre Lorde and Piracy in the manner of Nina Simone.

Performers: Angie Pittman, A Sef
Composer: Cody Jensen
Recording artists: Lola Honeye, Angie Pittman
Mixing Engineer: Jake Metz
Lyrics and text assembly: Angie Pittman
Stage support: Malcolm-X Betts

Text spoken during the performance references Christina Sharpe, Kamau Braithwaite, Igbo’s Landing, Nina Simone, Pirate Jenny, and Angie Pittman.