Studio Visit: G. Lucas Crane

Release Date: Thursday, June 14, 2018

In this Studio Visit we check in with G. Lucas Crane about collage, communication, messy technology and purposeful messes, and his project Time Boiler.

Time Boiler is both a tale of time travel memory loss told in tape collage music and a series of attempts at time compression through musical trials on the performing body. In this program, G Lucas Crane will be tasked with specific times in which to tell each part of the story, cooking down time itself into a series of dense atmospheric collages set to otherworldly video pieces. He will reveal the lost tapes of prophecy and use these mutant tapes of yore to succeed in the trials of the Time Boiler. This performance will illustrate the psychological consequences of time travel on the human mind through a series of live compositions constructed from the depths of his cassette tape archive of ancient sound memories collaged together in the style of an apocalypse DJ.

G Lucas Crane: Tapes, Electronics
Ryan Soper:  Visuals
Mathew Mann: Visuals

G. Lucas Crane is a sound artist and sound performer from Brooklyn NY, working within the medium of the manipulated analogue cassette, live collage, noise, environment/life recording, and pure frenzy. Many years recording and playing his sonic diary, put to tape and hacked to pieces live, have yielded collaborations such as the psychedelic rock band Woods, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice and Time Life, theater work at Ps122, Here Theater and Ontological-Hysteric, and sweaty basement conflagrations around the world with his solo project, Nonhorse. He is a founding member of the art collective and performance space Silent Barn, in NYC.