Studio Visit: JAIMIE BRANCH // May the 4th be with you: Anteloper and Fly or Die

Release Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019

In this studio visit, trumpeter, synthesizer player, and improviser-composer Jaimie Branch previews her commissioned performance May the 4th be with you, showing us her set up and talking about the visual accompaniment for the concert.

Jaimie Branch will be presenting newly commissioned work for Roulette with her drum-trumpet duo Anteloper and quartet Fly or Die. Anteloper is the electric brainchild of Branch and percussionist Jason Nazary (Little Women, Helado Negro, Bear in Heaven). Fly or Die, Branch’s quartet featuring Lester St. Louis on cello, Jason Ajemian on bass, and Chad Taylor on drums/mbira will play selections from their self-titled record on International Anthem.

Jaimie Branch (b. 1983) is a Brooklyn-based improvisor, composer, and trumpeter whose work is primarily focused on expanding the sonic and technical limitations of the trumpet in free and improvised musics. Branch received her bachelors degree in music from the New England Conservatory of Music where she studied with John McNeil, Joe Morris, and Steve Lacy. In May 2017, Branch released her debut record as a leader, Fly or Die (International Anthem 011), to critical acclaim. Her follow up release, “Fly or Die II: bird dogs of paradise” was released in October 2019 also on the International Anthem label. Branch believes that all the music in the Universe lives in a cloud just above our heads and that if you listen, you can hear it. Listen. Can you hear it?