RTV: Laetitia Sonami

Release Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

In this RTV episode, Laetitia Sonami performs Why_dreams like a Loose Engine on her original electronic instrument, a lady’s glove.

This instrument is made of black lycra embedded with computer-triggering sensors which track the slightest motions of each finger, hand, and arm. Sonami performs her composition with an evocative text by Melody Sumner Carnahan. Her dance-like movements and lyrical French-accented voice are mixed with ethereal, captivating electronics to create a unique soundscape and rich concert experience. Sonami relates her work to women’s lives, contrasts European and American creative methods, and discusses how she adds poetics and “French sexiness” to computer music as well as the steps in the invention and development of the “Lady’s Glove”.

Aired on rTV: 2000
Performance date: 04/26/2000
Digital release date: 04/28/2010
Host: Phoebe Legere
Produced by Jim Staley
Directed by Matt Mehlan

Laetitia Sonami is an electronic composer, performer, and sound installation artist. Her compositions combine text, music, and found sound, which are described as “performance novels.” Her interactive installations focus on embedding everyday objects with kinetic and sonic personalities. Best known for her lady’s glove, Sonami is based in Oakland, CA, and performs worldwide.