RTV: Lesley Mok // a bird in its chest

Release Date: Monday, May 23, 2022


Roulette TV sits down with drummer, percussionist, and composer Lesley Mok to discuss a bird in its chest, which premiered at Roulette in March 2022.

In collaboration with cellist-composer Aliya Ultan and aerialists Teddy Ment, Eleanor Getz, and Copper Santiago, a bird in its chest is a reflection on love: young, unrequited, unconditional, enduring, and self-love. Shaped by ideas of supernatural grace, phantom wishes, ephemeral passions, and crazed disillusionment, this collaboration has emerged out of a desire to understand the expansiveness of love beyond its familiar expressions.

The performers were joined by musicians Joanna Mattrey, Cleek Schrey, David Leon, and Yuma Uesaka.