RTV: Peter Evans Ensemble

Release Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021

On January 28th 2021, composer and trumpeter Peter Evans presented a program of all new compositions with his ensemble following on the work featured on the 2020 release Horizons. The episode features concert footage followed by an exclusive interview with Evans about the ensemble, their process, and working at Roulette.

Peter Evans: trumpets, compositions
Mazz Swift: violin, voice
Ron Stabinsky: synthesizers, piano
Levy Lorenzo: percussion, electronics

This group has been performing in various configurations since 2016. This specific quartet recorded the album Horizons on Evans’ More is More Label, which was released in September of 2020. This concert will feature a full program of new music specifically for this group, which we will tour in Europe and the USA in 2021.

The Peter Evans Ensemble grew out of Evans’s work with his acclaimed Quintet (2010-16). The Ensemble, through extensive touring and recording, developed into a modular and highly adaptable outlet for Evans’ compositions. After a series of NYC concerts, the quartet with Swift, Stabinsky, and Lorenzo formed an inimitable group sound and dynamic and quickly documented their work with the 2020 release Horizons. Incorporating through-notated chamber music turns of individual instrumental virtuosity (both acoustic and electronic), and tight rhythmic frameworks as vehicles for improvisation, the group continues to develop new music and will be touring Europe and the USA in 2021. Horizons is available on the More is More Records Bandcamp site, on both vinyl and digital formats: peterevansmusic.bandcamp.com