RTV: Saadet Turkoz

Release Date: Sunday, April 22, 2001

This RTV episode features Sadeet Turkoz performing her arrangements of Kazakh and Turkish folk and classical songs as well as her two-part original composition.

With beautifully expressive facial and hand gestures, Turkoz draws the listener into an emotional world ranging from plaintive melodies to dramatic storytelling, where no road map or program note is necessary. She transforms into characters of different ages and personalities and exhibits remarkable control over the smallest microtonal vocal inflections, overtone series, and subtle degrees of vibrato. In her interview, filled with stories from her personal life, she explains how a sense of improvisation and spontaneous creation is part of the tradition of the Kazakh culture and how she freely changes expressive roles. She also draws an interesting contrast between the possibilities and dynamics of performing solo or as part of a duet.

Aired on rTV: 2001
Performance date: 04/22/2001
Episode digital release date: 04/29/2010
Host: Phoebe Legere
Produced by Jim Staley

A singer of Kazakh and Turkish origins who lives in Zurich, Switzerland, Sadeet Turkoz has appeared internationally with such instrumental improvisors as Elliott Sharp, Freddie Studer, and Werner Ludi. In her improvisations as well as performances of Kazakh and Turkish songs, she hopes to transform memory by evoking pictures and atmosphere with voice and music which transcend cultural boundaries.