RTV: Standing In a Doorway and Calling It a Dance

Release Date: Monday, February 28, 2022

Roulette TV sits down with artists Jon Kinzel and Vicky Shick to discuss their performance, Standing in a Doorway and Calling It a Dance—presented at Roulette in November 2021.

Standing in the Doorway and Calling It a Dance is choreographers Jon Kinzel and Vicky Shick’s joint effort to grapple with where we are right now amidst the baffling uncertainties of these hundreds of days.

Kinzel’s experience of constructing installation-like environments situates audiences within a mutable social space. His drawing practice is at times a choreographic tool as well as an end-in-itself, and it influences the creation of set and improvised movement. Considerations for intuitiveness, restlessness, certainty, tentativeness, music, theater, awe and urban life give shape to this new work created for Roulette. Performers include Emily ClimerMarc CrousillatCharles Gowin, and Kinzel; with costumes by Nina Katan.

Shick presents a collection of disparate scraps—some subconscious residues. Where’s the hall closet, the armchair, the kitchen faucet? Can these spots be replaced, reconfigured? This new abstract gathering with Jennifer LaffertyAthena MalloyMarilyn Maywald Yahel, and Shick tries to reimagine some of these distinct spots, animating them and unraveling a bit of chaos too. Sound design by James Lo.

Lighting design for the evening by Kathy Kaufman.