David First: The Western Enisphere

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
Tickets: $20/15 Online $25/20 Doors
Doors 7:00pm 105 minutes
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David First  Guitar, Harmonica, Slide Whistle, HF signal generators/AM radios, A/V Composition + Programming
Jeanann Dara – Viola
Sam Kulik  Trombone
Jeff Tobias – Bass Clarinet
Ian Douglas-Moore – Guitar
Danny Tunick – Percussion

David First’s Western Enisphere presents new work for ensemble & electronics exploring hyper-minimalist microtonality and sensual phenomena.

The Western Enisphere was formed by David First and Jeanann Dara in the spring of April 2012 with the intention of developing a body of hyper-minimalist, audio/video just intonation/microtonal works steeped in First’s concepts of Gestural Improvisation, which he defines as a set of procedures that isolates those musical elements traditionally considered ornamentation or aspects of expression and elevating them to the level of most significant extrapolative detail. Gathering some of the best, most in-demand musicians in NYC along the way, the ensemble has worked extensively over this time to internalize what First calls “a virtuosity of slowness and safecracker focus, with the goal of both resonating with, and attempting to subvert, the laws of nature.”