Simons @60 – The Music of David Simons

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 @ 8:00 pm
SIMONS @60: the music of David J Simons
for gamelan, voice, mixed ensembles, and interactive theremin

A select retrospective of David’s output for 3 sets of performance:

Gamelan Son of Lion, an 11 member ensemble includes the NYC premier of his controversial Gong (Hump)ing Ceremony; a work for string quartet and gamelan which bathes in beating tones and difference tones; and Angklung Pelukan.

A chamber group including Lisa Karrer on voice, Denman Maroney on keyboards, and other members TBA, which plays songs based on the surrealist literature of Raymond Roussel, Alfred Jarry, and Mark Leyner.

Lastly, Simons’ unique method of using Theremin as a motion controlled sample trigger. NY premiers of works including a story by Salman Rushdie played by drum triggered Max patch. Finally the groundbreaking trio with Stephanie Griffin viola, Lisa on voice and Simons on Theremin in which all are triggering percussion from their instruments, which premiered at Galapagos in 1999, and toured to Bali, Brussels and Bushwick.



David Simons is a composer and performer specializing in percussion, Theremin, electronics, homemade instruments, and World Music. Recordings of his works include two CDs on Tzadik records, Fung Sha Noon (2009) and Prismatic Hearing (2005); three CDs for Gamelan Son of Lion including compositions Kebyar Leyak, Cool it Wayang and Naked We Stand; his string quartet Cipher on the NYFA Collection released on Innova Records; the opera The Birth of George (Tellus/Harvestworks) with Lisa Karrer; and on albums by God is My Co-Pilot, Stockhausen, Shelley Hirsch, Denman Maroney, Laura Andel, Music for Homemade Instruments, and many others. David’s work in music for theater and dance has brought him to Europe, Asia, Guantanamo, Honolulu, and Bali. He has been awarded a Rockefeller Bellagio residency, NYFA fellowships, commissions from American Composers Forum, Mary Flagler Cary, Meet the Composer; and travel grants from Artslink and Arts International for collaborations in Estonia and Indonesia. Simons’ composition Odentity for the Harry Partch instruments was premiered by Newband in 2007, and is featured on his newest Tzadik CD, FUNG SHA NOON. David is currently writing an opera influenced by the work of Marshall McLuhan. His writings on music and sound are published in Radiotexte (Semiotexte#16), EAR magazine, and Soundings.