Lisle Ellis: Stomping Ground

Saturday, September 26, 2009 @ 8:30 pm

Lisle Ellis, is a New York-based bassist, composer, visual artist, and teacher and tonight he presents Stomping Ground – a “band” of shifting dimensions and a “song” without end. It investigates ideas of community and a spectrum of diversity through traditional, experimental, and futuristic concepts, attempting to convey meaningful music through a shared sensibility of custom, territory, and gathering together. Lisle Ellis considers his Stomping Ground project to be a multifaceted proposal. At its core is a cross-generational approach that mixes veteran artists with newcomers from diverse communities, backgrounds, experience and brings them together in an encounter with an intricate compositional framework for creating structured improvisations. A layered ever-evolving system of Ellis’ design, “Formings”, utilizes graphic, gestural, and conventional notations to determine interactive behavior within the ensemble.