Mixology Festival 2018: Circuit Breakers: Jantar // GAIAMAMOO

Friday, February 16, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
Tickets: $15 Online $20/15 Doors
Doors 7:00pm 75 minutes with intermission
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Shogo Haraguchi – Fretless Bass, Pedals, iPad
Mehata Sentimental Legend – Vocal, Pedals, Kaoss Pad

Ryan Jahn – Singing Bowls, Harmonium
Tianna Kennedy – Cello
Chad Laird – Guitar, Electronics
Kirsten Nordine – Keyboard
Ted Robinson – Clarinet, Electronics
Kelly Rudman – Percussion, Electronics

Japanese duo GAIAMAMOO offer textured, noisy improvised music accompanied by video projections of Japanese Noh by Hiroshi Mehata, a.k.a. Mehata Sentimental Legend. The duo focuses on the intersection of sight & image, demonstrated by improvised sounds and abstract visual patterns. GAIAMAMOO is an experimental improvisation group formed in 2012 by Shogo Haraguchi and Mehata Sentimental Legend from Tokyo. In 2015, GAIAMAMOO were chosen to perform during the Sound Live Tokyo festival, organized by Pacific Basin Arts Communication (PARC), and also performed on “New Sound Sanctuary.” In 2016 and 2017, the duo toured California and New York City, appearing on Ridgewood Radio on WFMU broadcasted by Outpost Artist Resources. GAIAMAMOO also appeared in Festes Majors Alternatives de Vallcarca (Barcelona, 2016), eight-hour noise marathon festival GIGANOISE 2 (Tokyo, 2016), Ende Tymes (Brooklyn, 2017), Jazz Art Sengawa 2017, CLUB JAZZ 屏風 (Tokyo, 2017) and opened for Wolf Eyes’ Psycho Jazz in the Bay tour (California, 2017).

Jantar performs Others, Who Will Follow Us, a new work consisting of video elements and improvised acoustic and electronic instruments in various combinations. Jantar grew out of a series of site-specific and film collaborations between Tianna Kennedy and Chad Laird, gradually building to an ensemble that includes Kirsten Nordine, Kelly Rudman and Ted Robinson. Jantar performs experimental easy listening music, incorporating ambient noise and improvisation derived from film and background music.

Mixology Festival 2018: Circuit Breakers presents four evenings and seven musical artists and ensembles who bend, blend, and extend electronic instruments and tools toward new realms of creative communication. Surreal songs, ritual roustings, radiophonic phenomena, and a multimedia mélange will incite, inspire, and inhabit. Active for over 25 years, Roulette’s Mixology Festival celebrates new and unusual uses of technology in music and the media arts. Primarily a snapshot of current activity, Mixology strives to reflect both the history and trends of innovation that impact the Zeitgeist.

Curated by David Weinstein, with consultation from Susan Karabush, Ruth Kahn, Kerry Santullo, and Mia Wendel-DiLallo.

Tickets: $15 Online $20/15 Doors
Doors 7:00pm 75 minutes with intermission
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