Artist: Ben Neill

Past Performances

Ben Neill

Ben Neill
Monday, May 15, 2006 @ 8:30 pm
Ben Neill (mutantrumpet/electronics,) with John Conte (bass) & Jim Mussen (drums,) presents XIX, a concert of music and interactive video […]

Mixology 1994: Nicolas Collins

Thursday, April 28, 1994 @ 9:00 pm
Senseless – Self styled originator of the New Maudlinism will talk your ear off and make your ears buzz, accompanied by his own sweet […]

Ben Neill

Saturday, November 20, 1993 @ 9:00 pm
Redesigned mutantrumpet with electronics/computer and visuals by Jim Conti. Composer/performer Ben Neill is the inventor of the mutantrumpet, a […]

Le Salon de Roulette

Wednesday, December 4, 1991 @ 9:00 am
Food, Drink, Performances. A casual soirée for Roulette supporters. Thanks! With  brief performances by “Blue” Gene Tyranny, […]

Ben Neill

Ben Neill
Wednesday, April 6, 1988 @ 9:00 pm
Three-belled observations for mutantrumpet and electronics with soprano Dora Ohrenstein, Don Yallech on percussion, and Bill Kannar on bass.