Laura Cromwell

Sunday, May 9, 1999. 9:00 pm
Burning, by drummer/composer/electric bargain princess Laura Cromwell, is a meditation on human imperfection and the strange and wonderful […]

James Pugliese

Saturday, May 3, 1997. 9:00 pm
Excerpts from “Red on Red” (more Italian stuff) a collaboration with Tonino Miano and introducing his new quartet, plus one, […]

Chris Cochrane

Saturday, April 19, 1997. 9:00 pm
Chris Cochrane solo improvised guitar (first time in a long while). Hear him shake the rafters a little. Second half with JD Foster who will […]

Roulette at The Knitting Factory

Roulette at The Knitting Factory
Tuesday, December 17, 1996. 8:00 pm
Roulette At The Knitting Factory Alterknit Theatre: Ron Kuivila: “Locus of Focus” Lois Vierk “Twister” with Anita […]

Chris Cochrane & Leslie Ross

Thursday, March 24, 1994. 9:00 pm
Electric guitar and electric guitar ideas with bassoon ideas and double reed paying both separately and together and together with samples […]

Jim Staley, James Lo, Chris Cochrane

Sunday, March 28, 1993. 8:00 pm

Anne Elias & George Cartwright

Sunday, March 21, 1993. 8:00 pm
Poetry and music in conversation. To see full program, click on the attached image.

Benefit for Choice

Wednesday, December 11, 1991. 9:00 pm
Community Event
This benefit was sponsored by Women’s Caucus for Art of NYC and coordinated by Julie Nichols to support Planned Parenthood of NYC. Judy […]

Staley, Mori, Cochrane, Parkins

Wednesday, July 3, 1991. 8:00 pm

Jim Staley with Chris Cochrane

Thursday, May 2, 1991. 9:00 am
Music for trombone using mutes, angles, proximities, blasts, extended techniques, motion, microtones, ghosts, and impossible thoughts. Staley is […]