Artist: Yuko Fujiyama

Past Performances

Yuko Fujiyama Ensemble: Album Release Celebration

Monday, April 16, 2018. 8:00 pm
After 15 years of silence, Yuko Fujiyama returns to celebrate the album release of her new ensemble.

Yuko Fujiyama

Wednesday, April 19, 2006. 8:30 pm
Keyboardist Yuko Fujiyama brings her ensemble to Roulette, with Jennifer Choi on violin, Tomas Ulrich on cello and Reggie Nicholson on drums. […]

Yuko Fujiyama

Monday, April 5, 2004. 8:30 pm
A concept for the sextet, pianist Fujiyama performs the new compositions for the sextet (three horns, piano, bass and drums) with the conception […]

Yuko Fujiyama, Ikue Mori & Yuki Saga

Saturday, December 11, 1999. 9:00 pm
A night of composition and improvisation. Face the power of groove and silence made by three Japanese females, Yuko Fujiyama on piano, Ikue Mori […]

Yuko Fujiyama

Thursday, December 11, 1997. 8:30 pm
Pianist Yuko Fujiyama with Mark Feldman, violin and Gerry Hemingway, drums. Editor’s Note: Originally listed as “Pianist Yoko […]

Yuko Fujiyama

Friday, October 22, 1993. 8:00 pm
Pianist Yuko Fujiyama with Mark Feldman-violin, Phil Haynes-drums, Erik Friedlander-cello.