Chris Ferris & Dancers: Unquantifiable

Sunday, February 17, 2019
Performance 8pm / Doors 7pm

What: Chris Ferris & Dancers premiere Unquantifiable with composer Loren Dempster – a new work for ten performers with live musical accompaniment examining the multifaceted self.
When: Sunday, February 17, 2019
Where: Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, 2/3/4/5/A/C/G/D/M/N/R/B/Q trains & the LIRR
Cost: $18 presale, $25 Doors
Info: / (917) 267-0368

Brooklyn, NY – Veteran choreographer Chris Ferris and composer Loren Dempster craft a work that celebrates uniqueness coexisting in harmony.  Unquantifiable asks: when is unison confining and when is it fulfilling? When does being alone make one feel safe or conversely vulnerable? When does a complex group eliminate the inclusion of others or even audience? How do the performers invite the audience in with proximity and focus? When trying to survive (or enjoy) a crowd, when does one yield or need to stand for their own space? Ten dancers will hide in plain sight, take an unswerving strong path, crisscross in confusion, and meld in amoeba form. Musicians will move throughout the space using wireless pickups to play an electroacoustic-based score. Performers claiming their own space or yielding to others will reflect the many possibilities of individuality and interconnectivity by using movement and sound. The audience will leave with a heightened awareness of their fellow humans that make up their environment.

Choreography: Chris Ferris
Music Director/Composer: Loren Kiyoshi Dempster (cello, computer)

Musicians: Jon Hanrahan (Piano, Melodica), Gabriel Peterson (saxophone), and
Kyle Stalsberg (Viola, Electric Violin)

Dancers: Meghan Connolly, Anastasia Ellis, Victoria Ellis, Vanessa Ferranti,
Bethany Logan, and Diane Skerbec.

Chris Ferris is the artistic director of Chris Ferris & Dancers. Her work is based on an exploration of movement from a sculptural, dynamic, and emotional point of view. Her work has appeared throughout New York City, including at Roulette’s Greene Street and Brooklyn locations. Recent notable performances include The REAL Suite at Fast Forward, Dixon Place September 2018. Selections from The REAL Suite and the Rampaging Light suite were presented at Roulette in February 2018 and at Second Sundays, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House March 2018. Rampaging Light was presented in 2017 as part of The Waxing Crescent – an evening of dance and music curated by Ferris at NY City Center Studios and at Take Root, Green Space Studio in 2016. Perfect Tension was presented at the Martha Graham Studio Theater in 2014 after premiering at FLICfest in January 2014. Urban Pastoral, an outdoor improvisation with ten sculptural lights, ten dancers, and live music was presented in June 2015 at Socrates Sculpture Park, Battery Park City NYC, and Carl Schurz Park. In its Spring 2014, Ferris & Dancers performed at Central Park NYC and Squibb Park/Bridge and in the fall of 2013 at the Tobacco Warehouse, Brooklyn Bridge Park. Her work has also been presented at the High Line, CPR, the Joyce, WAXworks at Triskelion Arts, Green Space Blooms, Sans Limites Dance Festival, and Movement Research at Judson Church.