Adam Rudolph : Go Organic Orchestra

Monday, November 21, 2011. 8:00 pm


$15 General Admission
$10 Members/Students/Seniors

Organic Orchestra is unique in the realm of approaches to improvisational conducting. Utilizing non-linear notation in an original music score, Composer and Artistic Director Adam Rudolph conducts between 20 and 50 musicians with his prototypical conducting system. Over the past twelve years he has taught and conducted hundreds of musicians in Organic Orchestra concepts in both North America and Europe, most recently in Naples, Oslo and Istanbul.

For this series Rudolph will present new music with his New York based Organic Orchestra. Most of the 30 musicians (listed below) have been developing the music with the Orchestra for the past 4 years in residence at Roulette Intermedia. The first CD of the NYC Organic Orchestra will be released in fall of 2011 to coincide with the November concerts.


Steve Gorn -Bansuri Flute, Hichiriki
Sylvain Leroux -Tambin Fulani Flute, C Flute
Kaoru Watanabe – Noh Kan, Fue, C Flute
Ze Luis – C and Alto Flute, Bamboo Flute
Michel Gentile- C and Alto Flute, Bamboo Flute
Peter Apfelbaum – C Flute, Bamboo Flutes, Melodica, Bamboo Sax
Avram Fefer – B flat Clarinet
Ivan Barenboim – B flat & Bass Clarinet
J.D. Parran – B flat & Bass Clarinet
Ned Rothenberg – Shakuhachi & Bass Clarinet
Batya Sobel – Oboe
Sara Schoenbeck – Bassoon, Musette
Steve Swell – Trombone, Bamboo Horn
Peter Zummo – Trombone, Bamboo Horn
Stephen Haynes – Trumpet, Bamboo Horn, Didjiridoo
Graham Haynes – Trumpet, Bamboo Horn, Conch
Peck Allmond – Trumpet, Bamboo Horn, Conch
Sarah Bernstein – Violin
Charles Burnham – Violin
Curtis Stewart – Violin
Elektra Kurtis – Violin
Mark Chung- Violin
Midori Yamamoto – Violin
Rosie Hertlein – Violin

Jason Kao Hwang – Viola
Stephanie Griffin – Viola
Marika Hughes – Cello
Daniel Levin – Cello
Janie Cowan – Double Bass

Matt Kilmer – Frame Drums, Percussion
James Hurt – Sogo, Kidi, Percussion
Brahim Fribgane – Oud, Cajon, Percussion
Tripp Dudley – Percussion

Kenny Wessel – Electric Guitar, Banjo
Marco Cappelli – Acoustic Guitar

Chris Dingman – Vibraphone
Alex Marcelo – Acoustic Piano