Anastasia Clarke / Swans Lakeless: Ego Death Repair Tool Kit II

Wednesday, February 3, 2021. 8:00 pm

Roulette’s Fall 2020 Season will be live streamed from our stage and archived on our website. Watch the video of this concert below.


Anastasia Clarke / Swans Lakeless: Ego Death Repair Tool Kit II

Wednesday, February 3, 2021. 8:00 pm
Anastasia Clarke is a 2020 Roulette Van Lier Fellow

In the second concert of Anastasia Clarke’s Ego Death Repair Tool Kit series, the composer meets Shannon Lumpkin in a collaborative vision for a multimedia performance relating time and the disabled body functioning within the able-bodied clock. Engaging candid conversational tones and dense somatic textures, Swans Lakeless invites curiosity about the collaborative act; and acknowledges that the performance itself is an act of collaboration that takes place inside of a system that seeks to upend it.

The process for creating and sharing this work is informed by anti-ableism, access and Disability Justice.

Nature Nuture Trash & Trauma
Anastasia Clarke: sound, video

Swans Lakeless
Shannon Lumpkin, Anastasia Clarke: vision, concept, films, sounds, performances
Dawn Felicia Knox: curatorial advisor
Chip Chapin: dramaturgy, Stunt Supervision

Roulette’s Fall season will be presented virtually and available for free on a variety of streaming platforms. Our theater is currently closed for public performances as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the safety measures that Roulette has put in place to keep staff, artists, and the public safe.

Anastasia Clarke (b. 1987) is a New York-based composer, performer, technologist, sound designer, and media archivist. Anastasia’s live embodied electronic music performances consider the artist as healer and activist, while using custom-built instruments or performing systems to create emergent narratives out of personal content. Performances have taken place in galleries, concert halls, DIY venues, and unsuspecting community spaces across the United States. Collaborations have included Boom Bat Gesture Performance Group and Mechanism Dance Theatre Collective, 2019–2020’s Uncommon Circuits ensemble, and a wide range of improvising instrumentalists in the NYC and San Francisco Bay Areas. Anastasia also speaks and presents, most recently at Expo ’74, NIME, The School for Poetic Computation, and as a visiting lecturer. In 2018 Anastasia earned an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College, and subsequently received support for work and research from the Queens Arts Fund, EMS (Stockholm), Tri-tryagain, CCRMA, and a Van Lier Fellowship via Roulette Intermedium.

Shannon Lumpkin (b.1978 Tucumcari, NM) is an interdisciplinary activist and artistic producer working in New York between fields of film, politics, finance, and agriculture to explore how disability-based deaccumulation of capital acts as an intersectional framework for establishing human rights for all. Through grassroots union organizing and collaborative production, Lumpkin enables frameworks for interrogating acts of violence and sustainable community development. As a transgender amputee and survivor of Ewing’s Sarcoma (2015), daily acts of living necessitate building tools for social change: everyday life becomes a political (and artistic) practice in the age of crip times. What do we do when one person’s needs become someone else’s measure of austerity and pain?

Chip Chapin engages writing, dance, and curation to negotiate current terms of desire and access: proliferating possibilities for kinship around collective labor, resource re-distribution, and mutual care. Chapin is a recipient of The Agnes Gund Curatorial Fellowship, Kossak Painting Travel Grant, and Beth M. Uffner Scholarship. Their writing has been published in Heichi Magazine, Weekend, No Dancing, and Ginger Magazine. Recent performances include ‘Tipping Utopia’ with Yoshiko Chuma, ‘A Weather of her Wake^’ at Hunter College Art Galleries, and ‘Intermundia’ performed for Taanzland Festival, at Ponderosa in Stolzenhagen, Germany. Chapin’s first solo Far From Hot Baths, made in collaboration with drawings by Amy Sillman, premiered at Gauntlet in New York in 2018. They received an M.F.A. from Hunter College, B.A. from Bard College, attended MSA^ [Mountain School of Art], LANDING 2.0 with Miguel Gutierrez, and participated in workshops with Trisha Brown Company, Yvonne Rainer, Martin Kernels, Mike Smith, K.J. Holmes, Critical Resistance, among others. Their work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in NY, Berlin, Portland (OR), LA, Oslo, Miami, and Basel. They currently live and work in Enfield (NY), where they co-founded Complimenta Inc., an artist-run center now operating under the open acronym c.h.a.m.p.s. (come here and move people slowly).

Dawn Felicia Knox is a UK based artist and curator working across mediums and disciplines to create interventions and multi-layered artworks that explore toxicity, remediation and transformation as articulated through the body as well as the build and natural environment. Working in collaboration with scientists, academics and other artists, she is drawn to the parallels in processes and investigative techniques often creating work that blurs the lines between intent, process and outcome. She has been the recipient of six Arts Council England awards and numerous commissions and residencies resulting in installations, films and exhibitions across the UK and beyond.

Anastasia Clarke is a Roulette 2020 Van Lier Fellow, made possible with funds provided by the Edward and Sally Van Lier Fund of the New York Community Trust. This performance is presented through Roulette’s GENERATE program, providing over 30 artists each year with in-depth creative and technical support.

Photo: Anastasia Clarke