[COMMISSION] Juiced: Music of Brendon Randall-Myers

Thursday, April 7, 2016. 8:00 pm

Ian Gottlieb – Cello
Otis Harriel – Violin
Tristan Kasten-Krause – Electric and DoubleBass
Paul Kerekes – Piano and Keyboards
Jesse Kranzler – Electric Guitar
Doug Machiz – Cello
Brendon Randall-Myers – Electric Guitar
Kevin Rogers – Violin
Dan Schlosberg – Piano and Keyboards
Mark Utley – Percussion and Drums
Ben Wallace – Percussion
Fay Wang – Voice and Keyboards
Taija Warbelow – Viola
Daisy Long – Lighting Designer
John Robert Moore – Video Artist

An eclectic mix of classical, chamber pop, and math rock, this program of music by Brendon Randall-Myers is a kind of composerly manifesto. Each of these four pieces embodies a different compositional preoccupation, and each was written for and with close friends and longtime collaborators, drawing on shared musical influences, personal idiosyncrasies, and years of work together.

In Sustenance, written for Paul Kerekes, the piano is haunted by its own electronic ghost and flickering fragments of old music. Juiced, written for Friction Quartet, dramatizes the attempted pursuit of physical perfection by merging the string quartet into a single meta-instrument and giving it music on the edge of unplayability. Skin, written for Invisible Anatomy, is a set of songs-within-songs undressing public and private lives in contemporary America – police killings, doxxing, and physical love in aging bodies.

Marateck’s new album-length collection of pieces, commissioned by Roulette and the Jerome Fund for New Music and co-written with Jesse Kranzler of Witt and Town Hall, builds and destroys immense structures with ecstatic, unpredictable grooves.

[COMMISSION] Juiced: Music of Brendon Randall-Myers is made possible, in part, by the Jerome Foundation.

The Jerome Foundation, a long-time supporter of young composers, was a mainstay in Roulette’s early development and continues to help us fulfill our mission by presenting ambitious work by promising artists. Each year, the Jerome Foundation supports five artist residencies and four commissions at Roulette.