High Zero Festival 20th Anniversary Tour

Thursday, September 20, 2018. 7:30 pm

Baltimore’s legendary High Zero Festival—a premier festival of improvised, experimental music on the East Coast—debuts in New York as part of its 20th Anniversary Tour.

Usually bringing musicians from all over the world to Baltimore, this year’s 20th-anniversary concert series flips the format by bringing High Zero Collective members to Roulette in NYC for two nights of improvised sets with NY musicians. Following the festival’s intriguing model: Each evening’s four curated sets aim to combine musicians who have never played together before. These musicians will improvise together for typically 20–30 minutes.

September 19
Set 1: Tom Boram, Ikue Mori, C Spencer Yeh
Set 2: Owen Gardner, Margaret Schedel, Shelly Purdy
Set 3: Jamal Moore, Jeff Carey, Ras Moshe, JD Parran, Andrew Bernstein
Set 4: Samuel Burt, Lea Bertucci, Michael Evans

September 20
Set 1: Bonnie Jones, Laura Ortman
Set 2: Sandy Ewen, Rose Hammer Burt, M.C. Schmidt
Set 3: Amirtha Kidambi, CK Barlow, John Berndt, Tom Hamilton
Set 4: Chuck Bettis, Stewart Mostofsky, Jaimie Branch

Since 1999, the annual High Zero Festival of Experimental Improvised Music has brought together more than 200 musicians and performers from around the world, mixing and matching them in all new combinations with local Baltimore improvisers in never-before-seen collaborations. Organized by a fluid group of Baltimore artists, the High Zero Collective also organizes the Red Room concert series (ongoing since 1996), the Worlds in Collusion festival as part of Baltimore’s Artscape, and the Diffusion festival celebrating multichannel electroacoustic music

Lea Bertucci (bass clarinet, alto sax, electronics)
Chuck Bettis (electronics, vocals)
Jaimie Branch (trumpet)
Michael Evans (percussion, theremin)
Sandy Ewen (guitar)
Tom Hamilton (electronics)
Amirtha Kidambi (voice)
Ikue Mori (electronics)
Ras Moshe (sax)
JD Parran (woodwinds)
Laura Ortman (violin) 
Margaret Schedel (violoncello, electronics)
C Spencer Yeh (voice, violin)
CK Barlow (electronics, sampling)
John Berndt (reeds, computer, invented instruments)
Andrew Bernstein (saxophone)
Tom Boram (synthesizer, computer, harpsichord)
Rose Hammer Burt (reeds)
Samuel Burt (daxophone, bass clarinet
Jeff Carey (computer, lights)
Owen Gardner (guitar, cello)
Bonnie Jones (electronics)
Jamal Moore (reeds, percussion)
Stewart Mostofsky (electronics)
Shelly Purdy (percussion)
M.C. Schmidt (electronics, balloon)

Supported in part by a grant from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation. This performance is a co-production between Roulette and the High Zero Festival.