ImproTech Paris/New York 2012 : Improvisation & Technology

Wednesday, May 16, 2012. 8:30 pm

ImproTech is an event bringing together composers, performers and researchers coming from USA and France and specially interested by the use of technology for musical improvisation. Tonight’s concert celebrates the begining of this festival which continues with conferences and workshops at NYU and Columbia University from May 17th to 19th.

Featuring performances by:

Roscoe Mitchell, Saxophone, David Wessel, touch controller & computer , Improvisation

Robert Rowe : Cigar Smoke (2004) for clarinet and interactive music system –  Esther Lamneck, clarinette

George Lewis : Interactive Trio (2007) for trombone, two pianos and interactive music system – George Lewis, trombone,  Geri Allen, piano

Georges Bloch : Duck Laughs (world premiere) for percussions, Preceded by Canaries by Elliot Carter (performed by Laurent Mariusse or projected on-screen) –  Laurent Mariusse, percussions, Georges Bloch, OMax interaction

Raphael Imbert : OMax at Lomax – Nine Spirit Company : Raphael Imbert, sax,  Simon Sieger piano & trombone,  Benjamin Lévy, Omax interaction, Thomas Weirich, Guitar

Bernard Lubat, piano, Gerard Assayag, OMax interaction, Improvisation

Steve Lehman, sax, live electronics, Mari Kimura, violin, live electronics, Vijay Iyer, Piano, Improvisation

Jean-Baptiste Barrière : Crossing the Blind Forest (2011) for flute, live electronics and live video – Margaret Lancaster, flute

Steve Coleman, saxophone,  Gilbert Nouno, live electronics, Improvisation



For more info visit http://repmus.ircam.fr/improtechpny