Interpretations: Myra Melford & Henry Threadgill

Thursday, October 2, 2008. 8:30 pm

Myra Melford Quartet: Happy Whistlings

Myra Melford is a composer-performer with a “commitment to refreshing, often surprising uses of melody, harmony and ensemble playing”. For this evening, Ms. Melford will present a collage of new compositions and improvisations inspired by the writing of Uruaguayan journalist and author Eduardo Galeano. In his book “Genesis,” from the “Memory of Fire,” trilogy, he examines the vastly encompassing interpretation of the history of the Americas and the New World. Myra Melford, piano; Matana Roberts, saxophone; Mary Halvorson, guitar; and Harris Eisenstadt, percussion.

Henry Threadgill’s Zooid + Talujon Percussion: Fate Cues

At the forefront of music for the past quarter of a century, Henry Threadgill incorporates his experiences with jazz, gospel, blues and marching bands freely in a mix with various types of world music. He views these folios as evolutionary and uses the past as a basis, rather than an ingredient, of their music. Fate Cues is both notated and improvised, written specifically for the collective ensembles. This piece is an exploration of how disparate elements can work together towards a larger dynamic for a source of inspiration. Zooid: Henry Threadgill, saxophone and flute; Stomu Takeishi, bass guitar; Liberty Ellman, acoustic guitar; Jose Davila, tuba; Elliot Kavee, drums. Talujon Percussion: David Cossin, Dominic Donato, Michael Lipsey, Matt Ward.

Commissioned by Talujon with funds provided by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust