Lily Maase

Wednesday, September 27, 2006. 8:30 pm


Guitarist, composer, and mixed media artist Lily Maase teams up with laptop artist extraordinaire Christian Pincock to present re:Disconnect, her latest experiment in sonic architecture. re:Disconnect is part chamber performance, part multimedia installation, part long-form work for improvising musicians in double quintet. Listeners will find themselves immersed in music from all directions as Maase and Pincock use a room-wide laptop installation to blur the line between performer and audience, form and improvisation, texture and the indistinct.

The performance will feature Maase on guitar, Pincock on laptop and trombone, Shane Endsley on trumpet, Mike Maher on trumpet and voice, Evan Smith and Montreal-based Adam Kinner on saxophones, Zach Brock on amplified five-string violin, Matt Wigton and Jay Foote on bass, and Fred Kennedy and Jason Nazary on drums.

Maase’s music is a fusion of rock and the avant-garde. All About Jazz describes her work as being “as much about artistic vision as about a groove you can feel. At times soft and plaintive, the music can change gears and grow into a powerful wall of sound”┬Žextremely emotionally and cerebrally rewarding.” The Weekly Alibi has praised her “killer technique” and “fearless sense of fun.”

Check out: www.lilymaase.com.