Michael Lytle / Cinnie Cole

Tuesday, November 24, 1987. 9:00 pm

Lyrical free solos won bass clarinet and a free trio with lyrics, using banjo, flute, voice, drums, synth, David Garland and Ikue Mori.

MICHAEL (ELEWHALE) LYTLE (Composer) has a Master’s in Composition (electronic music) from the U. of Iowa and has been playing clarinet for 50 years. Well known as an Improvisor and called the “most radical of his generation” by Joachim Berendt, he invented a set of clarinet sonic modulation and performance born of not having access to an electronic music studio for a long period. A short list of his best collaborations have been with Will Parsons, Jon English, George Cartwright, David Moss, Karl Berger, Hans Burgener, Mark Howell, Nick Didkovsky, Gerry Hemingway and have included over 30 recordings.