[ROULETTE KIDS] Laraaji “Fun with Sound and Laughter”

Saturday, February 8, 2014. 1:00 pm

Roulette Kids presents: Sound and Laughter with Laraaji

New Age sound artist and ‘Laugh-Master’ Laraaji hosts a live demonstration & hands-on interactive performance for kids aged 2-8, incorporating games, sing-a-longs and simple-to-play percussion instruments as part of the 2014 Mixology Festival, curated by Matthew Mehlan and Amanda Davis.

Laraaji, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who’s traveled, performed, and recorded music since 1978 and is credited with over 30 solo and collaborative albums including Brian Eno (Ambient #3, Day of Radiance), Bill Laswell, and Blues Control & Arji OceAnanda, performs on piano, synthesizer, wing gongs, “Celestial Electric Zither”, iPad music apps and with pre-recorded loop compositions.

Sound and Laughter with Laraaji will be held at Roulette on Saturday February 8th, 2014 from 1pm to 2pm as part of the Mixology Festival. The 2014 edition surveys the new and exciting ways that emerging electronic and digital technologies are being used to make music today.

For more information, please contact Amanda Davis at amanda@roulette.org or 917.267.0365.

The performance is $5 (cash at the door) or free for Mixology Pass or Saturday Ticket Holders. Suggested for kids age 2-8.

Pass good for one ticket to all workshops and performances in two-day festival. Tickets can be redeemed online or at Roulette’s Box Office. Tickets cannot be split amongst guests for the same performance.