Eric Darton

Friday, March 20, 1987. 8:30 pm
“climb”, solo and ensemble works, a Yomoma Arts production, transcending monolinguistics.” Eric Darton was born in New York in […]

Peter Cherches, Monk Songs

Saturday, February 14, 1987. 8:30 pm
“Monk Songs” with the poet fronting the Phillip Johnston Quartet, the music of Thelonious with all new lyrics.” Called […]

Joel Forrester

Thursday, December 4, 1986. 9:00 pm
“Beyond Doubt?” is an evening of odd-natured songs, rambling piano works, and circular essays, with Shelley Hirsch, voice, and David […]

David Garland

Wednesday, December 3, 1986. 9:00 pm
The singer/songwriter teams with accordionist Guy Klucevsek to perform “Control Songs” and some new and old favorites.

Anthony Coleman

Monday, November 17, 1986. 9:00 pm
“Procenski Uspeh” by the keyboardist, composer, and master of disconnection with Guy Klucevsek on accordian, David Krakauer on […]

History of Unheard Music and Pass Tints

Saturday, November 15, 1986. 9:00 pm
“Farmer In The Now” combines dancers Lisa Love, Linda Mancini, Tina Dudek, and Harry Sheppard with the audio wardrobe of the men […]

Randy Hutton / Rain Worthington

Saturday, October 18, 1986. 9:00 pm
Guitarist Hutton joins dancer Karen Heifetz in a collaborative work “Patter” and Worthington’s synthesizer tangles with […]

Robert Een & John Kuhlman

Tuesday, October 7, 1986. 9:00 pm
Solos and collaborative works for amplified cellos, electric and prepared guitars, voices, piano, and percussion. Robert Een—Cello, Voice John […]

Tenko, Kamura, & Zeena Parkins

Sunday, October 5, 1986. 8:00 pm
Tenko, Kamura (voices) & Zeena Parkins (harp, piano, processing) Tenko is a Japanese musician who has been performing improvised music for […]

Jill Burton, Edward Rollin

Sunday, March 16, 1986. 9:00 pm
A vocalist of dexterity and imagination, Burton performs solos and her Music for Sleeping Vegetables, with percussionist Yuval Gabay and Kumiko […]