Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz

Sunday, March 2, 1986. 9:00 pm
Desert Equations, Azax/Attra, Never Tech No Foreign Answer, music for vocals, flute, piano, and electronics.

Frankie Mann

Friday, November 22, 1985. 9:00 pm
“Scenes from the Recent Past”, songs & non-songs.

Julie Kabat

Julie Kabat
Friday, April 12, 1985. 9:00 pm
“Songs From The Shadows,” new music for voice and synclavier, with Neil Rolnick. To see full program, click on the attached image.

Arthur Russell

Saturday, March 2, 1985. 9:00 pm
The influential and profoundly brave cross-genre artist (1951–1992) presented “The Deer In The Forest,” and other extended vocal […]

Shelley Hirsch

Wednesday, October 24, 1984. 8:30 pm
“Rappings And Other Stuff” solo voice, voice with tape, duos with David Simons (percussion), duos with Sven Ake Johannson (drums and […]

David Garland

Wednesday, October 26, 1983. 8:30 pm
“Control Songs” for voice, psaltery, Farfisa, Fairlight, toy piano, electronics, and tape, with Nigel Rollings.