Phillip Johnston: The Transparent Quartet

Sunday, March 17, 1996. 9:00 pm
Presenting his new drum-less band The Transparent Quartet, Johnston aims to combine the discipline and dynamics of a chamber music group with […]

David Gamper & Pauline Oliveros

Saturday, April 29, 1995. 9:00 pm
Improvisations – Acoustic – Electronics (EISing the Cake): In the Deep Listening duo, Oliveros and Gamper direct attention to sound […]

Jim Staley, Sally Silvers, and John Zorn

Saturday, April 21, 1990. 8:30 pm
The Exoskeletal Shadow of Laminated Desire” by a trio of Jim Staley, trombone/didjeridu; Sally Silvers, dance; and John Zorn, reeds.