RTV: CECILIA LOPEZ // Machinic Fantasies, Dos (tres), Bifurcations

Release Date: Monday, September 16, 2019

RTV sits down with composer, musician, and multimedia artist Cecilia Lopez to discuss her artistic practice and how the Jerome Residency at Roulette has been integral to presenting her work.

This video features live performance footage from two of Lopez’s performances at Roulette. The first piece machinic fantasies is a performative installation based on the idea of producing a sonic and visual live “mediation process/machine”. The next two performances are from her Jerome Residency at Roulette. Part one is Dos (tres) which investigates the outcome of a very intimate encounter between instruments/instrument players through a brass trio and electronics. The second part is called Bifurcations. It is the first collaboration between Lopez and composer and artist Aki Onda. Sharing a trajectory based on the use of acoustic feedback and the exploration of space through amplification, this concert is an opportunity for both artists to join forces and present a duo feedback composition.

machinic fantasies-

Cecilia Lopez: Composition, Electronics

Jean Carla Rodea, Julia Santoli: Performers

Joe Moffett: Trumpet

Christopher McIntyre: Trombone

Dos (tres)

Cecilia Lopez: composition, electronics

Forbes Graham: trumpet

Joe Moffett: trumpet

Christopher McIntyre: trombone


Cecilia Lopez: electronics, feedback

Aki Onda: feedback, custom light system

Performance date: 05/08/2018, 03/18/2019
Episode release date: 09/16/2019

Cecilia Lopez is a composer, musician and multimedia artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently based in New York. Her work explores perception and transmission processes focusing on the relationship between sound technologies and listening practices. She works across the media of performance, sound, installation and the creation of sound devices and systems. Lopez holds an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College and an MA from Wesleyan University in composition (2016). Her work has been performed and exhibited at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (AR), Center for Contemporary Arts (Vilnius, Lithuania), Roulette Intermedium, Issue Project Room, Ostrava Days Festival 2011 (Ostrava, Czech Republic), MATA Festival 2012, Experimental Intermedia, Fridman Gallery (NY), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo, Norway) and the XIV Cuenca Biennial, among others. She was a Civitella Ranieri fellow in 2015 and has participated in various international residency programs.