RTV: G. Lucas Crane

Release Date: Friday, August 10, 2012

This performance slinks along the back lot of the NOVA line, the NOVA rift. Running back from each terminal node, the NOVA universe exists simultaneously with our own, refracting through non-euclidian space, fed on cell phone signals, drunk sweat, and Human static. At the end of the dark street, the ultimate NOVA CRIME is committed in the cold fluorescent light of the willing city. Perfect mental attrition, slammed doors, distilled of the dreams of missed connections, the weak hand drops on the cracked touch screen, the phone disappears as it hits the blacktop. A noir mystery of corrupt detectives, alien mind control and living information possession, experienced as a broken wall of sound. Also the release party for the NOVA CRIMES limited edition cassette out on Green Age Records. Crane discusses collage, communication, messy technology and purposeful messes, and the positive act of DOING.

G. Lucas Crane is a sound artist and sound performer from Brooklyn NY, working within the medium of the manipulated analogue cassette, live collage, noise, environment/life recording, and pure frenzy. Many years recording and playing his sonic diary, put to tape and hacked to pieces live, have yielded collaborations such as the psychedelic rock band Woods, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice and Time Life, theater work at Ps122, Here Theater and Ontological-Hysteric, and sweaty basement conflagrations around the world with his solo project, Nonhorse. He is a founding member of the art collective and performance space Silent Barn, in NYC.