RTV: Skeletons Big Band

Release Date: Thursday, July 15, 2010

This RTV episode features The Skeleton Big Band and selections from their two performance run of new compositions, arrangements, and ideas with players from the wide spectrum of New York’s underground music scene.

Jonathan Leland: drums
Jason McMahon: guitar
Matthew Mehlan: vocals, guitar, alto sax
Mike Gallope: organ, piano
Peter Vogl: electric bass. synth
Sam Kulik: trombone
Elliot Bergman: tenor sax
Johnny Butler: baritone sax
Justin Frye: bass
Amy Cimini: electric viola
Adam Markiewicz: electric violin
Dan Peck: tuba
Justin Walter: trumpet

Performance date: 06/08-06/09/2010
Episode release date: 07/15/2010

The Skeleton Big Band are an American entertainment unit who live in New York City. They have released recordings on the Tomlab, Ghostly, and Shinkoyo labels.

“Last year’s underrated Money found the Silent Barners delving into dramatic, Afro-punked Gastr del Sol-like sweeps—a thread continued during the band’s recent shows with the horn-abetted Skeletons Big Band. Oddly, the effect is similar to how Hall Overton’s big band arrangements forThelonious Monk brought the pianist’s bent-note melodies into focus, straightening Mehlan’s into something simultaneously dense but with even more voices.” – Village Voice

“If there is beauty in music – and I’m talkin’ unconditionally transcending beauty, not just some superficial pretty surface – then Skeletons are right at the heart of it.” – (((unartig)))