RTV: Sonya Belaya: Cognitive Distortions / Ancestral Patterns

Release Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Roulette TV sits down with composer Sonya Belaya to discuss her performance, Cognitive Distortions / Ancestral Patterns—presented at Roulette in June 2021 as part of Belaya’s year-long residency.

Cognitive Distortions / Ancestral Patterns examines cognitive distortions (also known as automatic thoughts) through the perspectives and stories of immigrant women. Cognitive distortions are habitual thought patterns humans experience every day that are negative or biased. As identified by Western psychology, there are twelve common cognitive distortions. In this collective storytelling, Cognitive Distortions / Ancestral Patterns examines how the intersection of ancestry, psychology, spirituality, and culture plays into automatic thoughts, and considers the restructuring of thought patterns as a blueprint for radical healing.

Episode produced by Jim Staley
Directed by Wolfgang Daniel