Diedre Murray w/ Fred Hopkins & Richard Thomas

Sunday, November 27, 1988. 8:00 pm
Cellist Murray, equally versed in jazz and classical forms as well as an awarded composer of musical-theater works, in duos with contrabassist […]

Horst Rickels

Saturday, November 26, 1988. 8:00 pm
From The Netherlands, the elegant instrument builder, acoustic, architectural, and installation experimenter, and sonic magician. Horst […]

David Rosenbloom

Saturday, November 19, 1988. 8:00 pm
Composer/guitarist presents new ensemble works conjured from epic dreams and seductive software.

Lesli Dalaba / Edge of Night

Friday, November 18, 1988. 8:00 pm
“Edge of Night” is Lesli Dalaba’s trumpet, Jim Katzin on violin, Wayne Horvitz on keys, and C.K. Noyes on drums.

Graham Haynes & Bruno de Almeida

Thursday, November 17, 1988. 8:00 pm
The son of drummer Roy Haynes, Graham Haynes grew up around jazz musicians; his Hollis, Queens, neighborhood was also home to Roy Eldridge, Milt […]

Mitch Corber

Sunday, November 13, 1988. 8:00 pm
Mitch Corber is a New York City neo-Beat poet, an eccentric performance artist, and no wave videographer known for his rapid whimsically comical […]

Jill Burton

Saturday, November 12, 1988. 8:00 pm
Extended vocalist/composer/holistic/sound/movement/energy/performance artist JILL BURTON was a professional ballerina, modern dancer, dance […]

Earl Howard

Friday, November 11, 1988. 8:00 pm

Shaking Ray Levi’s Society

Thursday, November 10, 1988. 8:00 pm
The Shaking Ray Levis is an ongoing collaboration of musicians with a common interest in free improvisation. The project was conceived and led […]

See Hear 2/St. Marks

Saturday, October 29, 1988. 8:00 pm
Cinnie Cole, Anthony Coleman, K. O’Looney