Staley, Hirsch, Shea, Mori

Thursday, July 18, 1991. 8:00 pm

Staley, Mori, Cochrane, Parkins

Wednesday, July 3, 1991. 8:00 pm

Brenda Hutchinson

Saturday, May 11, 1991. 8:00 pm

Brenda Hutchinson

Friday, May 10, 1991. 8:00 pm
Brenda Hutchinson is a composer and sound artist who has developed a body of work based on a perspective about interacting with the public and […]

Mikel Rouse / Mark Lamperiello

Thursday, May 9, 1991. 9:00 am
“Two groups with strategies and platers in common, Broken Consort and Vertical Fractures feature musicians James Bergman, Bill Tesar, […]

James Fulkerson

Sunday, May 5, 1991. 9:00 am
“Works for trombone, tape, text, and wry concept by this legendary virtuoso in a rare trip back from Europe.”

Marc Ribot

Saturday, May 4, 1991. 8:00 pm
Pieces for ensemble: upright bass, oboe, percussion, violin, cello, & guitar. 

Jim Staley with Chris Cochrane

Thursday, May 2, 1991. 9:00 am
Music for trombone using mutes, angles, proximities, blasts, extended techniques, motion, microtones, ghosts, and impossible thoughts. Staley is […]

Mixology 1991: David Shea

Monday, April 29, 1991. 9:00 am
Suites, constructions, and montages of refuse audio and video using multiple turntables and monitors, tapes, and CD’s plus beatbox vocals […]

Mixology 1991: Ikue Mori and Leah Singer

Sunday, April 28, 1991. 9:00 am
Singer jams on analytical film projectors. Mori grooves on her drum machines. Images and sounds meet, collide, distort, and pulsate. Cinema […]