Saturday, April 22, 2017 @ 8:00 pm

7:00pm talk with ethnomusicologist Lois Wilcken & Lakou Mizik’s Steeve Valcourt
8:00pm – Concert/Dance Party

Lakou Mizik (“Music from the Homeland”) is a powerhouse multigenerational collective from Haiti that blends twoubadou, vodou, rara carnival music, and urban soul. With such legends as master drummer Sanba Zao, and rising stars Steeve Valcourt and Jonas Attis, the group performs an exhilarating mix of traditional and modern roots music. The members of Lakou Mizik range in age from the early twenties to the late sixties and come from across Haiti’s musical, social, religious, and geographic spectrum. Formed in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake, they communicate a message of pride, strength and hope.

Lakou Mizik’s electrifying shows blend the soulful spirit of a church revival, the social engagement of a political rally and the trance-inducing intoxication of a vodou ritual. After steadily building a passionate fan base, Lakou Mizik recorded its acclaimed debut album on the Cumbancha label, calling out  “Wa di yo, nou la toujou” – “You tell them, we’re still here.” The album, Wa Di Yo, was named one of Songlines magazine’s Best Albums of 2016.

“The music kicked in and they damn near levitated the place. Lakou’s unique blend of Haitian roots traditions…was irresistible.”  – Songlines

“a joyous antidote to Haiti’s hard times” – The Guardian

“a genial cross-generational coalition along the lines of the Buena Vista Social Club….hearty call-and-response vocal harmonies…galloping, exultant dance grooves.” – New York Times

Opening the show and joining the band for a few songs will be the remarkable singer/guitarist Paul Beaubrun, son of two founding members of the legendary Boukman Eksperyans. He has performed in many of America’s top venues alongside such artists as Lauryn Hill, Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow, and David Byrne. In 2015, he recorded the Vilnerab album, which soared to #1 on iTunes in the World Music category.

This concert is dedicated to master drummer Frisner Augustin, who was a major force in preserving and popularizing Haitian music in the US.