Bonnie Barnett: Waiting for Afghani Women

Wednesday, October 21, 1998. 9:00 pm
“Waiting for Afghani Women” and other works and improvisations by the California vocalist and composer with her impressive array of […]

Mixology 1993: Matthew Ostrowski

Friday, April 30, 1993. 8:00 pm
“The Blinding,” the world’s first ten-second opera. At the moment of impact the astronaut’s mind finally falls apart […]

Joe Gallant

Sunday, April 12, 1992. 9:00 pm
Illuminati: 2 Facets by the composer/contrabass guitarist for septet and 15-piece band including downtown’s finest string, wind, keyboard, […]

Benefit for Choice

Wednesday, December 11, 1991. 9:00 pm
Community Event
This benefit was sponsored by Women’s Caucus for Art of NYC and coordinated by Julie Nichols to support Planned Parenthood of NYC. Judy […]

Chris Cochrane & The Same

Friday, March 22, 1991. 9:00 am
The guitarist and The Same with Ruth Peyser, guitar and voice / Paul Hoskin, saxes / Evan Gallagher, drums … plus solos for sequencer, […]

Evan Gallagher / Bill Barnes

Evan Gallagher / Bill Barnes
Friday, May 18, 1990. 8:30 pm
“More of Gallagher’s “Theory of Incidental But Inevitable Control” with unlikely cues for uninhibited players […]

The Improvisor: Magazine Benefit

Saturday, July 1, 1989. 8:00 pm
A benefit concert for the improvisor, the international journal of free improvisation, founded in 1980. From a photocopied newsletter, to […]

Evan Gallagher

Thursday, November 5, 1987. 9:00 pm
Works for an ensemble cued by extra-musical events and other interruptions.