VOICES: Odeya Nini // The Chutneys

Thursday, February 13, 2020. 8:00 pm
Interdisciplinary vocalist Odeya Nini and The Chutneys share an evening of physical sound and real-time composition.

Fast Forward: Octopoda + Music for Solo and Ensembles

Monday, April 10, 2017. 8:00 pm
The disarmingly playful and secretly intense composer/percussionist shows original works for solo and small ensembles with an all-star cast.

INTERPRETATIONS: Chris Brown, Frank Gratowsky & William Winant // Fast Forward: TEN

Thursday, December 11, 2014. 8:00 pm
An evening of music that explores the frontiers between composition and improvisation.

Umami Food and Art Festival

Umami Food and Art Festival
Friday, April 11, 2008. 8:00 pm
Umami was created as a meeting ground to people who use food as a medium and who present their audience with a multi-sensory experience in the […]

Fast Forward

Saturday, March 8, 2008. 2:00 pm
ROULETTE CHILDRENS CONCERT “Fast Forward is a New York based English composer and performer who makes music with almost anything. In his […]

Fast Forward

Friday, May 15, 1998. 9:00 pm
New and unusual instruments, technology and music with mixed media. Improper Relationships #1, the first in a series of music mixtures employing […]

Fast Forward and Takehisa Kosugi

Friday, December 6, 1991. 9:00 pm
Fresh frontiers from these nomadic musical allies, made specially for Roulette. Percussion, strings, vocals, electronics, and objects.

Fast Forward

Thursday, March 19, 1987. 8:30 pm
Solos for steel drum especially designed for the acoustic zing of a particular room. New York-based, British-born percussionist, sound sculptor […]

Fast Forward

Saturday, March 3, 1984. 8:30 pm
DEAD THUNDERBIRDS, a barbaric work for metal, glass, and electrics.