[RESIDENCY] Haeyoung Kim (Bubblyfish)

Monday, March 21, 2016. 8:00 pm

[RESIDENCY] Haeyoung Kim (Bubblyfish)

Monday, March 21, 2016. 8:00 pm

A multi-media performance conceived, created, developed and designed by Haeyoung Kim (aka Bubblyfish)

Directed by Josh Chambers

Text by Haeyoung Kim, Tom James, Mary Jane Gibson, and Josh Chambers
Programming by Matthew Bergman
Moori development by Matthew Bergman and Haeyoung Kim
Music and Sound Design by Haeyoung Kim, Tom James, Josh Chambers, Mary Jane Gibson & Jay Maury

Vocal Sound Design by Jay Maury
Video by Haeyoung Kim
Lighting Design by John Eckert

Costume Design by EB Brooks
Assistant Direction by David Jimenez
Featuring Mary Jane Gibson as MJG

“Of Shadow” is an interactive multimedia performance that visits the themes of self-betrayal and spiritual transcendence through visual and sonic bombardment on an opulent, operatic platform of deliverance. Both a revolutionary call to action and a heartbreaking examination of occult devotion, “Of Shadow” definitively subverts both the expectations and theatrical means of articulation within the performing arts of America. A onetime, predominately improvised extravaganza, “Of Shadow” is a fleeting glimpse of the framed divine – an echo, a gasp, a glance. It gathers the earth and blows madly toward the moon.

In her first Roulette residency performance, digital artist Haeyoung Kim presents Moori, an interactive collaboration environment where users participate in a real‑time narrative. Using mobile technologies and network systems, members express their ideas through instant messaging and sketches using their personal devices. Through the Moori system, audience participation is visualized and reproduced aurally. As a result, Moori allows users to become anonymous authors of an interactive storytelling experience and a unique, dynamic and algorithmic audio/visual performance.

Haeyoung Kim is a digital artist, interaction designer, sound artist, and performer. Her work focuses on immersive experience in sound, human interaction, and perception.  Under the name Bubblyfish, Haeyoung explores the territory of sounds, live performance and interactive media integrating audience participation. She was an artist in residence at Harvestworks in 2011, CTE (Creativity + Technology = Enterprise) recipient in 2015 and has been commissioned from Roulette/Jerome Foundation, Turbulance.org. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums including NamJunePaik (NJP) Art Center in Korea, Kunsthalle in Austria, Moving Image Museum in New York. She also has performed in numerous international digital art venues including MUTEK, LABoral, Mapping Festival, and File Festival.

 Josh Chambers is the Artistic Director of Fovea Floods Theater. In 2001, he founded the OBIE award winning Bushwick Starr performance space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. From 1996 – 2008, as resident director and composer of Fovea Floods, Chambers created over 40 international productions, including his original plays Dollbody, Goose/Goose, Paul Pry (Saratoga Stages, Saratoga Springs, NY), Mount Weather (DC Arts Center, Washington, DC), and Bull Spears (CSV, NYC). In 1999, Chambers co- wrote and directed A Sleep of Reason Creates Monsters with Scott Feldsher for the 1st Annual Chekhov Now Festival at the Access Theater in New York. In the fall of 2002, he co-wrote and directed Not in Our Name – “An Evening of Conscience” at The Great Hall at Cooper Union in New York City, whose performers included Edward Asner, Danny Glover, Tony Kushner, Marisa Tomei, Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory, and Howard Zinn.

[RESIDENCY] Haeyoung Kim Bubblyfish is made possible, in part, by the Jerome Foundation.

The Jerome Foundation, a long-time supporter of young composers, was a mainstay in Roulette’s early development and continues to help us fulfill our mission by presenting ambitious work by promising artists. Each year, the Jerome Foundation supports five artist residencies and four commissions at Roulette.