Go: Organic Orchestra – Sonic Mandala [CD Release]

Thursday, October 3, 2013. 8:00 pm

Go: Organic Orchestra, the dream project of composer and percussionist Adam Rudolph, marks the release of their long-awaited debut studio recording, Sonic Mandala on Meta Records, with a blow out celebration concert. A 33-player orchestra that covers an astounding number of instruments, everything from the Malian hunter’s harp and bamboo trumpets to the Fender Rhodes and the Japanese noh-kan flute, Go: Organic Orchestra emphasizes the healing power of improvised music with an emphasis on percussion traditions from across the globe. A testament of a long-standing musical association among like-minded musicians who are multigenerational and international, this performance of Sonic Mandala encompasses the Orchestra’s deep engagement with world traditions and their deeper devotion to a community through shared creative expression.

Performing Artists:

Sylvain Leroux – tambin fulani flute, c flute, bamboo flutes
Michel Gentile – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Zé Luis Oliveira – c and alto flute, bamboo flutes
Kaoru Watanabe – noh kan, fue, c flute
Batya Sobel – oboe, ocarina
Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon, sona
J D Parran – contra alto clarinet, bamboo flute, kalimbas
Ned Rothenberg – b flat & bass clarinet, shakuhachi
Avram Fefer  b flat & bass clarinet
Ivan Barenboim  b flat clarinet, bamboo flutes
Sean Sonderegger – contra bass clarinet, & bass clarinet
Stephen Haynes – trumpet, cornet, conch, flugelhorn, alto horn
Graham Haynes – cornet, flugelhorn, bamboo horn
Jonathan Finlayson – trumpet, bamboo horn
Peter Zummo – trombone, conch, didgeridoo, zither
Jason Kao Hwang – viola
Elektra Kurtis – violin
Midori Yamamoto – violin
Sana Nagano – violin
Julianne Carney – violin
Rosemarie Hertlein – violin
Curtis Stewart – violin
Skye Steele – violin
Mark Chung – violin
Gwen Laster – viola
Alva Anderson – viola
Marika Hughes – cello
Emma Albaster – double bass
Brahim Fribgane – cajon, tarija, udu, percussion
James Hurt  – sogo, kidi, igbo bell, udu, percussion
Matt Kilmer  – frame drum, djembe, kanjira, udu, percussion
Tim Keiper – dusun’goni, pandiero, udu, percussion
Keita Ogawa –earthtone drum, hadjira, pandeiro, udu, percussion
Joe Hertenstein – gongs, cymbals, udu, percussion
Alex Marcelo – piano, Fender Rhodes
Kenny Wessel – electric guitar, banjo, looping, processing
Marco Cappelli – acoustic guitar, looping, processing
Jerome Harris – acoustic bass guitar, pedal steel guitar
Damon Banks – electric bass

“There’s something about playing into the center of the expressive quality of the music, something really intuitive that the musicians bring to it, as they focus on it. It’s about being in tune, being completely in the present.” –Adam Rudolph

With an extensive career that spans over three decades, Adam Rudolph has been hailed as “a pioneer of world music” by The New York Times. Rudolph has performed with such jazz luminaries as Don Cherry, Jon Hassell, Sam Rivers, Pharaoh Sanders, L. Shankar, Wadada Leo Smith, and Omar Sosa, and most notably, in his extensive collaborations with Yusef Lateef. Rudolph has released 25 recordings under his own name, featuring his compositions and percussion work. Rudolph composes for his ensembles Moving Pictures and Go: Organic Orchestra, an 18 to 54 piece group for which he has developed an original music notation and conducting system. A dedicated teacher who has published a number of instructional books, Rudolph has taught and conducted hundreds of musicians in the Organic Orchestra concept; most recently, in Sicily, Naples, Oslo, Istanbul, NYC and LA. Rudolph has been on the faculty of Creative Music Studio ( New York and Istanbul) Esalen Institute, California Institute of the Arts and the Danish Jazz Federation Summer Institute. He also has received grants and compositional commissions from the Rockefeller Foundation, Chamber Music America, Meet the Composer, Mary Flagler Cary Trust, the NEA, Arts International, Durfee Foundation, Phaedrus Foundation and American Composers Forum.